Company - History

Wits for Win
“Quality living begins at Profilia….” is our brand slogan throughout several decades. Profilia has evolved from solely mattress business into thousand types of household products nowadays, and after more than 35 years of development, we have established a well-equipped production line. With our advanced technology and strict manufacturing process, along with the flexible running mode closely monitored by Hong Kong people and decades of valuable experience and exquisite craftsmanship, we are committed to produce high quality durable products “ For those who choose the best………”

Company Profile
Profilia of West Germany (Far East) Limited was founded in Hong Kong in 1978, and after enormous efforts we have made in the past 35 years, “Profilia” originated from German, has become the well-known brand of domestic products for many Hong Kong families.


Track of Glory
Hong Kong's first " Warm in winter and Cool in summer " series of mattresses, have been favored by the users. “Warm in winter and Cool in summer, double-sided mattress” has been a famous slogan well recognized by Hong Kong people. After years of improvement and development, "Profilia" proudly launched a variety of stylish beds and mattresses, which are marked by its quality materials and impressive durability.


Profilia mainly caters for domestic market and the market of hotel industry by establishing a variety of sales channels.  In the domestic industry, Profilia has over a hundred of sale points including major department stores, chain stores and furniture shops etc. In the market of hotel industry, Profilia also works closely with hotels, sizable organization and the Hong Kong Government departments in providing professional bedding and furniture products. Profilia is always active in participating Exhibitions such as HKBPE for the consumer, HOFEX for the hotel industry and etc.


In 2013, we have launched a new campaign projecting a new image "Natural feeling, Natural choice, Profilia ..." introducing a new series of products , with the use of natural materials, organic fibers, non-toxic processing natural leather, to manufacture ​​mattress, sofa and other products to the satisfaction of consumers who pursue a natural and comfortable home living.